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The Right’s Abortion / Climate Change Dilemma

It’s obvious that the debate over climate change is pretty much divided along party lines, as it is with abortion.  The heart of these debates  seem to have more to do with sociological differences and not scientific ones.   Both sides are taking moral stands.

The most compelling of the arguments against abortion goes something like this:  “No one can say precisely when life begins so to end  a pregnancy, no matter how early, is at the very least potentially destroying the life of a human being and the future generations that may follow”.  Many religious people will go even farther and claim that all contraception does this.

So why don’t these same arguments apply to man-made climate change?  Even if no one knows for sure (in spite of the tremendous body of scientific evidence supporting it) that man is making the Earth warmer, isn’t it just as immoral to dismiss it out of hand as it is to deny possible embryonic humanity?  Isn’t there just as much risk (if not much more) of robbing countless human generations of their potential for life?

It was Rick Perry who summed up the Right’s position on abortion by saying that he would always err on the side of saving lives.  But it seems that for the Right the only lives worth considering are the ones whose potential is closer at hand, not decades in the future.


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The 2012 Monster Ticket

Yikes! I hope Van Helsing  is a Democrat. Gotta admit – it could be fun.

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Republicans oppose sneaky Democrat push for bill that includes millions of dollars in new Republican spending

Crazy, aint’ it. From “The Hill”:

Senate Republican leaders are taking heat for millions of dollars worth of earmarks they requested in a $1.1 trillion spending package on deck for passage this month.

GOP Policy Committee Chairman John Thune (S.D.) and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) convened a Wednesday morning press conference to criticize Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for trying to speed the package through the Senate before Christmas.

But Thune and Cornyn faced a barrage of hostile questions about their earmarks by reporters from NPR, ABC News and NBC News.

“Going through this bill, there is earmark after earmark from the both of you, millions of dollars in earmarks from the two of you and from other senators,” ABC’s Jonathan Karl told Cornyn and Thune. “How do you have any credibility on this? Why do you have earmarks?”

Cornyn said he had credibility on the issue because he plans to vote against the omnibus spending bill.

“If people have concerns about what’s in the bill, we ought to be given an opportunity to offer amendments to strip those out and I’m happy to have that process done,” Cornyn said.

Taxpayers for Common Sense, a non-partisan group that tracks federal spending, said that Cornyn secured $750,000 for a drinking water project in Midland, Texas; $800,000 for a stormwater mitigation project in Nacogdoches, Texas; $500,000 for a street improvement project in downtown Denton, Texas, among other projects.

“The simple answer is I’m going to vote against the bill and refuse all of those earmarks,” said Cornyn.

But that answer didn’t satisfy some members of the Capitol press corps.

“Isn’t it awkward, though, for you to be standing here and advocating for stripping these out when you both have requested them?” said Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News’s Hill correspondent. “It appears like you’re saying one thing and doing another.”

Thune pushed back against the charge of hypocrisy.

“If we get on the bill, I will vote against the bill. If amendments are offered to strip earmarks, I will vote for those amendments,” Thune said.

Cornyn and Thune tried to steer the news conference back to Reid’s decision to put a massive spending bill on the Senate floor in the waning days of the lame-duck session. The GOP leaders also highlighted the inclusion of more than $1 billion to fund the implementation of President Obama’s signature healthcare reform law.

“This is not just about earmarks,” said Cornyn.

“You’re missing the story if you think it’s just about earmarks. This is about a flawed process of sweetheart deals cut behind closed doors and a big spending bill dropped on the American people and on us on Dec. 14 without adequate time to amend it and debate it,” he added.

The GOP lawmakers called for a short-term, stop-gap spending measure to keep the government funded until the beginning of 2011, when Republicans will then control the House and can advance spending cuts.

ABC’s Karl kept pushing the issue of earmarks, asking Cornyn whether “it was wrong to put earmarks in the first place.”

“You’ve asked that question about five times and I’ve tried to answer it to the best of my ability,” Cornyn shot back.

A GOP aide immediately called an end to the conference as Cornyn and Thune quickly left the room followed by a crowd of reporters.

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I hope someone’s watching Glenn Beck, besides Tea Baggers, Neo-Patriots and Right Wing-Nuts

I found this sign stapled to a telephone pole on Main Street in my home town, Ellicott City. I guess if they have the right to stick it up there (and I’m not sure they do) then I have the right to tear it down.

But the sign is good advice for us all…more people need to be watching Glenn Beck. Aside from his acolytes, I mean. I’m afraid that there are too many of you moderates and progressives (a bad word, according to Beck) out there who aren’t taking him (or his Tea Partier, Gray Panther, and New Minutemen fans) very seriously. And you should be.

He’s slick, he’s polished. He’s the consummate actor and showman. He is a genius when it comes to playing upon the fears and emotions of his audience. Surprisingly (to me) about 75% of what he says makes sense. But, remember, 75% of the ingredients in rat poison won’t kill the rat. It’s the other 25% of what Beck says – the cliches, the distortions, the exaggerations, the revisionist history and the demagoguery, his claim of insight into the divine – that is dangerous.

If you don’t know your history, if you only read the books that Beck recommends, if you only listen to the ‘experts’ on Fox News, then you are likely to be duped. And scared. Maybe even scared enough to shell out your hard earned and cherished bucks for some of the survival gear and paranoid investment “opportunities” that Beck shills for his shady sponsors. (Beck made over $32 million last year.)

You might even be scared enough to start tacking up advertisements for Beck’s show in your neighborhood. But I’ll bet you’re smart enough, and educated enough, to see through his bull-shit. Just don’t be contemptuous of him. Don’t look down your nose on him.

Maybe, as the polls suggest, only 26% of the Republican party is under his spell, but they are exerting considerable influence on the rest. Moderate Republicans (and otherwise not-so-wacky conservatives) are running scared – to the Right and right into the embrace of his followers. Beck has an agenda, it appears to be working and it is not likely to be good for America, or anyone else.

So, as distasteful as it may seem, watch Glenn Beck. Listen to Limbaugh and Hannity. Check out Horowitz and Geller.

Know your enemy.

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