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If God Cannot Tolerate Sin, and if Jesus was God, then how come Jesus only got pissed off at religious people?

I listened to Alistair Begg on the radio this morning ( it’s always good to hear the other side of things – helps to affirm me) and he was preaching on how God, being perfectly holy, can’t even stand to look at sin.  That’s why he had to send Himself,  as Jesus, to pay the price (God’s price, btw) for all the world’s sin. In fact,  at that  point, hanging on the cross, in which Jesus “took on” all of our sin (whatever that means) God completely abandons Jesus, his Son (whatever that means).  “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”

But if Jesus was God (or at least bearing the character of God) then where was his wrath for sinners?  If, like God, he would recoil in the presence of sin, then why did he seem to prefer hookers, thieves and a whole slew of other sinners over the upright and uptight with their 1st century crew cuts and their clean white sneakers?

I read a great line in Sarh Mile’s new book “Jesus Freak”: the pastor asks the congregation  “Who believes that God is merciful and just?”  A bunch of hands fly up.  “Wrong” he says.  “God is merciful”.

Can’t be both.


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