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It ain’t always easy being a friend of Islam

When a supposedly moderate Islamic government like Pakistan’s has a law on their books making blasphemy a crime, well, they don’t make it any easier for those of us who are friends of Islam.   And when a person is sentenced to death for speaking their mind then it is time for Muslims around the world to speak out against Pakistan and sharia law.  There is no way that any  reasonable person,  of any religious persuasion, can justify persecution.

I don’t care if the women is Christian.  That is irrelevant.  It certainly is a big deal to a lot Christians, but this  would be just as insanely horrible if the accused was Hindu or Wiccan or  Muslim.   Yet, this  incident is providing Christian Islamophic factions (as well as some impassioned atheists)  some heavy ammo in their battle against Islam. And frankly, this particular Muslim fundamentalist position is pretty well indefensible.

I used to think of Pakistan as a civilized place.  The country has produced some extraordinary people who achieved extraordinary things in science and the arts.  Cosmopolitan cities.  Ranked in the top 15% of the world’s economies, according to GDP.  Heck, they even have the atom bomb.

A theocratic country with a medieval  mindset that has the atom bomb. Actually, dozens or maybe hundreds of them.  Gives one pause, doesn’t it?

Now, in Pakistan, there are some loud and courageous dissenting voices, in the media and in government as well.  One politician has introduced an amendment to the anti-blasphemy laws that would eliminate capital punishment for the offense.  Now that’s a good thing but it is not good enough.  No country should have any laws on their books having anything to do with blasphemy or any law protecting any religion from spoken or written criticism.  No country should ever have an overt alliance with any religion, Muslim, Christian or Jewish (sorry Israel and Texas).

I’d like to ask what a lot of people have asked before: where is the American Muslim outcry against Islamist tyranny?  I just spent a lot of time searching for something like this on the web and, well, I can’t find anything of the sort. Why doesn’t CAIR have anything to say about this? I mean, how can they see a major threat to American Muslims with Juan Williams’ relatively harmless off-the-cuff remarks and not see the danger in keeping silent on the tyranny of Pakistani sharia? This is like upbraiding a smoker for polluting the air while sitting behind the wheel of an idling SUV.

I have friends and neighbors who are Muslim.  We tend to keep the conversation outside of religion and away from international politics. But tonight I might risk propriety and ask for their take on this. Do they think  my question is a valid one?   I’ve also met some interesting Muslims on this blog and would like to ask for their thoughts  as well.


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Glenn Beck gets it wrong, again. This time it’s about the FCC and internet neutrality.

Working under the belief that no sacrifice is too great for my country, I have taken to watching Glenn Beck as often as I can. Which is not easy, since I am not yet a member of  his demographic and, not yet retired, I don’t get home from work until after his 5:00 pm EST show airs. But thank God for DVR.

I seriously doubt that too many of his fans use a DVR to watch his program as I don’t think too m any of his fans would understand how to work it.  Just at they are cell phone challenged (helping to keep Cricket afloat by purchasing those big numbered  retro-phones). And internet challenged.

Apparently Beck is not very savvy when it comes to the internet, either. On yesterday’s show he had this to say about the upcoming FCC guideline concerning internet neutrality:

The next thing I want you to consider is net neutrality — the FCC over Congress. We told you that Congress was making itself irrelevant. They couldn’t get net neutrality through Congress. Well, the FCC is announcing plans next week for regulations that would ban ISPs like Comcast from blocking or favoring content online. This is basically a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet.

America, you lose the Internet, you lose the war, I think. Cass Sunstein said it was bad for people that they could seek out information that only fits their point of view. They want to make sure that you can get the Huffington Post on Fox News. No, thank you. They’re about to control what you see on the Internet. And Congress doesn’t even have a say anymore. They’re being completely circumvented. Comcast, I believe, will most likely go for it, because they’re takeover of NBC? I’ll bet you that’s being held hostage.

Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. What internet neutrality is actually designed to do is inhibit censorship, by preventing big ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, ATT and AOL, from blackballing certain websites because they are unwilling to make financial agreements designed to benefit the ISPs (which is already happening). This would be like a television news network refusing to cover stories about the recent GM IPO because Chevrolet decided not sponsor their programming. And whether it offends your free-market libertarian sensitivities or not, the Federal government has had a mandate since the early days of radio to ensure that the content on public airwaves is freely accessible to all Americans, no matter what the economics of broadcasting may happen to be. (Somehow Fox News has been able to get around this.)

Now, I would expect that most of Beck’s fans rarely use the internet (like my parents, who won’t be reading my blog for this very same reason) so they really don’t have any good way to check out Beck’s facts, here or anywhere else. But when will his other younger (or more astute) listeners figure out that this lie is just another peg pulled out out from Beck’s Jengo-like bona fides? Eventually the tower will have to fall. But when? He has gotten away with so many lies in the past, what can possibly threaten his credibility among his fan base? It seems that his followers have an amazingly high tolerance for bull-shit.

If you doubt this then just look at who was the highest rated new television celebrity this month.  It wasn’t Beck (never has been, actually) but his own little Eliza Doolittle.

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Obama a Christian? Bad news if you are a Teavangelist….


…but it could be worse. Enough with the Judeo-Christian stuff. How about some Islamo-Mormon values? There are similarities, out on the extremes.

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A Tea Partier’s worst nightmare

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Damn. Another fool for Christ caught looking like a fool. Period.

Republican Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, claims she is a “Fool for Christ”, whatever the hell that  means. But this is how she explains what it means to her:

“If I felt that’s what the Lord was calling me to do, I would do it,” she answered. “When I have sensed that the Lord is calling me to do something, I’ve said yes to it. “

Which means she must hear the Lord calling her to lie. Because on Good Morning America this ex-tax attorney, who used to work for the IRS, told a whopper:

“Well, remember again what this is. It’s a massive tax increase, and it’s on the people who are the job creators,” Bachmann said. “And people want to think that these are millionaires, sitting in leather chairs, lighting their cigars with $100 bills. That’s not what we’re talking about. These are people who, who are carpet layers who maybe employ two or three other guys, or a plumber, maybe himself and his brother, and it’s $250,000 in gross sales for their business. They’re the ones that are looking at massive tax increases.”

Which is total crap, and of course, she knows it. She’s an expert. The proposed increase (which is not really an increase, only a return to an old rate after the temporary tax cut has expired) is on all those who earn over $250,000 in adjusted income, business owners or not. This is after all itemized deductions including mortgages, business expenses and other legal shelters. So what we are really talking about here are people who make way more than a quarter million bucks a year. Now maybe the Christian counseling center she and her husband own (which receives Federal entitlement dollars, by the way) makes that much moolah but not too many carpet layers and plumbers do. At least not in her home state of Minnesota. Most of these folks are doctors, lawyers, bankers, corporate executives and university professors. Not job creators.

Now I expect most politicians to lay down a line of bullshit every once and awhile (or at least once a day). But this little lady is a Born-Again, Bible thumpin’, 10 Commandment preachin’ Fool for Christ. Right? The same Christ that said the rich should hold on to as much of their money as possible to give poor people an incentive to work harder so they might land a sweet job working for the government with a side line taking advantage of other people’s religious psycho-superstitions with the help of Federal subsidies.

How freakin’ embarrassing for those of us who might still want to call ourselves Christian. Congress is looking more and more like the Temple that Jesus lost his temper in. If only the Neo-Evangelicals were right and he was coming back any day now. Some people are going to look mighty foolish.

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When I get on an airplane and see people in Christian garb, I’ve got to tell you: I get nervous

And who wouldn’t? I mean, when you consider that, these days, Christian garb is mostly an assortment of tee-shirts with audacious or even combative statements plastered across the front of them. Don’t see too many clerical collars out there any more and what few nuns are left kicked the habit years ago.

Even though I think NPR was just plain idiotic for firing Juan Williams, I can’t agree with his remark. Maybe because I have Muslim friends, but I don’t see anything frightening about their traditional attire. It’s just quaint ethnic clothing like German Lederhosen, French Berets, Texan boots and Baltimore Raven’ beer-helmets. But those Christians – have you ever read some of their tee-shirts? Kinda nutty, in a scary way. What is it that they are trying to say, anyway?

Hey, how come, if the Muslims are supposed to have such a war-like faith, they don’t wear tee-shirts like these? ( And isn’t that last one a baby’s “onesie”? Jeesh!)

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God’s Comet Cleansers: astronomers finally prove the existence of God

Not really.  But take a look at this article from Christian Newswire. Astronomical evidence clearly shows that comets have been the agents of much of God’s destruction in the Biblical past as well as in the future to come.  According to Dr. Jeffrey Goodman:

Recent archeological, geological and astronomical discoveries that shine new light on the Bible and its prophecies” he reports that most of the scientific data learned about comets in the last 25 years has already been recorded in the Bible! Long before the photos of Comet Hartley, the Bible correctly refers to the vents (“mouths”) in an active comet’s crust, and then correctly tells how these vents can powerfully spew out poisonous gas that can kill men (Revelation 9:17-19). Revelation 8:10-11 tells of a comet impact that is to poison rivers. Goodman says the Bible even gives an account of a cometary “blast” that probably contained cyanide (Isaiah 37:7) which killed 185,000 invading Assyrians outside the gates of Jerusalem during the reign of King Hezekiah (Isaiah 37:36-37).

How exciting! I couldn’t wait to jump into my Bible and check out the comet-related passages. Revelations is always fun, something like “Final Fantasy”.

10The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

17 The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. 18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths. 19 The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury.

Undeniable comet activity, as seen almost every day through our nation’s best telescopes! Let’s look at Isaiah 37:7 next, shall we?

Listen! When he hears a certain report, I will make him want to return to his own country, and there I will have him cut down with the sword.’”

What else could this be but the report a comet makes as it enters our atmosphere? Of course, no one has ever heard this (at least no one alive, heh-heh). Later on in Isaiah, verses 36-37 we find out what happens to evil people when a comet comes in contact with the Earth:

36 Then the angel of the LORD went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies! 37 So Sennacherib king of Assyria broke camp and withdrew. He returned to Nineveh and stayed there.

In this case the ‘angel of the LORD’ is code for a kick-ass comet. After all, the people at the time didn’t know much about comets, but they sure knew their angels. This verse offers conclusive historical proof that comets are so dangerous that God uses them to do his dirty work. Sort of like cosmic hit men for the ultimate Godfather.

Of course, those who do not take the Bible as the literal Word of God but insist upon seeing it as metaphor or story or poetry, ignoring the clear black words on white paper, will continue to deny this irrefutable evidence.

Satan is a vile deceiver.


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