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What I would like to hear from President Obama concerning his faith: “Shut up and mind your own damn business.”

Apparently a significant part of America thinks that President Obama is Muslim.  Of course, like many Americans,  on  many things, they are misinformed,  feeding upon the bloody scraps left by the blathering political sharks who churn our airwaves.   But aside from the disappointing ignorance of our populous, should this really  matter much? Is a president’s faith somehow related to his performance?

We all know that Washington was a deist and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the two  men most responsible for allowing religion to flourish in America, were not religious themselves, neither one a “Christian”.  Did John F. Kennedy ever attempt to place the interests of the United States under the control of the Pope, as so many loopy Protestants believed would happen?  Arguably our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln, was no Christian at all,  at least according to his wife (and others close to  him).  Little constrained by his Quaker roots, Richard Nixon  ordered the carpet bombing of North Vietnam.  George W. Bush never could get the teaching of evolution removed from our nation’s high schools ( as if that was ever one of his goals).

Really, this whole obsession over the faith of our elected leaders is asinine.  Rather than trying to assure Americans that he is, in fact, a Christian, Obama should just tell everyone to shut up and mind their own business.  Faith is a private matter. (Unless you are the Anti-Christ, like some thought Ronald [6] Wilson [6] Reagan [6] was. Now that’s a pretty big deal.)

No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”
-Article VI, Section 3, United States Constitution

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