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If only Hitler had a blog; Why you should check out these Islamaphobic web sites

These people are whacked.  Isn’t it bad enough that Geller and Spencer have plenty of other internet orifices from which to spew their filth, do they have to go and join forces with their cause Stop the Islamization of America?

If you aren’t too concerned about the growing Islamaphobia in America, if you think it’s merely just a matter of opinion or that there might even be some justification for it, then I suggest you check out these websites. People like Geller, Spencer, Coulter are courted every day by “news” programs on Fox and MSNBC. If you are fond of spittle-flinging hysterics then you have probably already seen and heard them. But if you prefer politer company and have been fortunate enough not to run across their angry, fascist notions, then do yourself a favor and check them out.  Hitler was a wack job too. If only more people had taken “Mein Kampf” seriously.

“Fore warned is  fore armed.”


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A reasonable voice cutting through America’s anti-Muslim hysteria

Why have I never heard of this site? Maybe because when you Google “Muslim Islamic controversy” most of the hits are the likes of hysterical idiots like Pamela Geller or reactionary pundits like David Horowitz. But this blog,  Loonwatch (so named in response to David Spencer’s terribly biased “Jihad Watch”) is dedicated to cutting through the bullshit and the hyperbole infusing the current controversies surrounding Islam in the West. Check it out.

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