Sarah Palin gives Bob Ehrlich an early Christmas gift by NOT endorsing him

I’ll admit it – I am a registered Republican. And up to about 5 years ago, a pretty conservative one.  But….I NEVER would have taken Sarah Palin seriously.  She is a goof.   I’m not sure if she has ever read a book.  She is an embarrassing political anomaly that wont fade away as expected.

So the news here in Maryland is that she “snubbed” GOP gubernatorial primary front runner Bob Ehrlich (who I will probably vote for anyway, doggonit!) by endorsing an almost unknown business investor named Brian Murphy. Snubbed?

Murphy is shouting the endorsement to the roof tops, but really, this is a great opportunity  for Ehrlich.  I think her endorsement will seriously hurt any candidate in Democratic Maryland.  If he didn’t court Palin  Ehrlich would likely piss off  the ultra-conservative voters in Maryland (thankfully, there aren’t that many).  Now he can flippantly dismiss her with good cause and win extra points from those folks sitting on the  fence. I’ll wager that right now in his campaign headquarters he and his staff are laughing with relief. While Martin O’Malley cries into his beer.

When will the Republicans get it? Don’t they realize that Palin’s candidacy was the straw that broke the back of John McCain’s campaign?  That her endorsements have not actually helped anyone win an election? More importantly, associating with her tends to suck away any serious credibility a candidate may have.

I’m not real crazy about the so called “liberal elite” of the Democratic party. Not so crazy about Republican “fat cats” either.  It would be great to have more down-home, sure shooting, no-nonsense men and women “of the people” inside the Beltway. But Palin ain’t really all that down-home (she has made millions since last year), intellectually she can’t even see the target, and she is constantly spouting nonsense. Sarah Palin, you are no Jimmy Stewart.


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