The Murderous Root of Religion

According to Genesis, after Adam and Eve are thrown out of Eden, their offspring pioneer the first primitive industries. Two of their sons, Cain and Abel, are described as  the first farmers and shepherds, respectively. They also practiced something that was unknown to their parents in Eden: religion.

Although the story never suggests that God required it, both Cain and Abel religiously sacrifice a portion of their harvest to God. God apparently was displeased with Cain’s burnt offering of grain and/or fruit, whereas he looked favorably on the blood offerings of Abel. Or at least, that is what Cain and Abel assumed. We can only surmise that Abel experienced better fortune than Cain, leading them to this understanding.

Whatever the case, Cain was jealous of Abel and killed him. The very first murder recorded in the Hebrew scriptures shows us that a (mis)understanding of God was the cause;  the first recorded incident of religious violence.

While in the Garden, Adam and Eve did not offer sacrifice to God, yet it was not long before their fallen children determined that this was the best way to earn God’s favor. No sooner did they begin this practice was its inherent evil tragically exposed.

It is hard to imagine that God would promote such a dubious system. Yet much of Western Christian theology is based upon the idea that God requires sacrifice – even that of his own son –  in order for His wrath to be appeased. This is in spite of the fact that scriptures quite explicitly tell us otherwise. The prophet Micah says that God is not interested in our sacrifice but to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him. (Micah 6:8)

Yet we do not listen to the prophets and history continues to repeat itself.


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  1. #1 by Stella Carabajal on January 27, 2010 - 11:36 pm

    On the subject of sacrifice as we first read about it with Abel & Cain.
    I don`t read where Adam had sacrifice an animal prior to when Abel did.
    In the verse of scripture it says: Also for Adam and his wife The Lord made “tunics” of skin, and clothed them.
    It does not say That G-d actually killed an animal to use the skins to cover them. And prior to first hear about a burnt sacrifice that Abel offered to Yah ( G-d); I sort of see a different picture.
    Possibily being that after the two Adam and Eve lost the “garments” =( tunics) of righteousness as we call them not having on the glory radaiating as being in the brightness of the glory of Yah= ( G-d) when those “tunics”= Germents were removed from off of them because of sin, They found they were naked no- longer having a garment to cover their nakedness. Thus they sewed fig leaves as an other skin covering called the flesh . Thus Yah =( G-d) gave them tunics of skin , meaning gave human kind this body of flesh and blood for a covering for our bodies.
    As The Apostle Paul stated in the book of( ICor. 15:38(
    God gives us a body as he pleases. Before the fall of Adam and Eve they had a spiritual body which was not of flesh and blood as we have today; but, after the fall of man being that they were naked of that spiritiual body G-d gave them tunics of skins= meaning a body of flesh = skin and blood.
    For flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of G-d.
    Jesus before he died on the cross had a body of flesh and blood. After his death and buriel when he was resurrected from the dead, He now had a spiritual body in which in that spiritual bosy he was able to eat and move as any normal person in a body of flesh and blood; but the difference is when we receive that spiritial body called white “tunics” garments of righteousness, then one will be able to stand before the presence of G-d in Paradise as Adam and Eve did before their fall.
    As the Apostle quoted and said: Once this tent=( body of flesh and blood dies we have a new body that will never die.


  2. #2 by Carlos Reyes on July 15, 2010 - 9:39 pm

    You do not understand the scriptures. Your blaming the sacrifice to God as the problem. And its not at all about that. Man inherited the knowledge of good and evil by eating of the forbidden fruit of the Garden. Man spoiled themselves to the point that they hid in shame. Evil is now present by disobedience to God’s instructions. Man is now a sinner. And man sins all the time. And as a sacrifice to God for forgiveness of sins, and to give God the first fruit of our labor. This is called honoring God. God created us to follow and honor Him. Cain was filled with envy, and anger, and He committed murder in the first degree against his own brother. Jesus died on the Cross as the ultimate sacrifice so that we can no longer sacrifice anything that even comes close. Jesus is the salvation of the entire world thanks to His selfless sacrifice to buy us back from evil and sin.

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