20 Doubtful Things that Most Christians Believe

Just a few of my opinions. The funny thing is, I used to believe most of these things not too long ago.

1 – I doubt that the scriptures were ever meant to be read literally, or formatted between two covers and called the Bible, with numbered verses and the words of Jesus written in red.  I doubt that the Bible is the actual Word of God.  It is a collection of ancient, spiritually oriented scriptures and,  as St. Paul said,  is useful for spiritual instruction, which implies it’s not the only end-all, go-to, book for everything you wanted to know about the universe but were afraid to ask

2 – I doubt the book of  Genesis is historical or factual in almost any way. I  doubt that Adam and Eve were real people. I think they are biblical metaphors for mankind in general.  I doubt that the Garden of Eden was a real place.  I think Eden is a metaphor for a world that is in harmony with nature.  I doubt that there was a global Flood and i doubt that God nuked Sodom and Gomorrah.    I doubt that science and the theory of evolution are incompatible with faith.

3 – I doubt the literal doctrine of the Fall  is supported by scripture. I doubt that Satan was ever a real being, a fallen angel, but he is a damn good metaphor for man’s ego run amok.  I doubt  that mankind is essentially depraved and wicked but learns to be this way.

4 – It follows, then, that I doubt the doctrine of Original Sin

5 – I doubt God ever ordered anyone’s army to rape, pillage, steal or enslave.I doubt if God ever ordered tortuous death sentences or ritual sacrifices. Therefore, I doubt that Leviticus or Deuteronomy set good standards for today’s politicians and leaders.

6 – I doubt that people of the twenty-first century are supposed to respond to God in the same way the ancient Israelites did. So, I doubt that all those old Jewish laws (on diet, slavery, sex, tithing etc) are obviously applicable today. God may not change but people do, thank God.

7 – I doubt that God has preordained everything (although God may have preordained some things, but I doubt that as well).

8 – I doubt that God has chosen some people for salvation and others for damnation.  That would be a pretty wicked God. The NeoCalvinists are nuts.

9-  Anyway, I doubt the doctrine of Hell, where God infinitely torments  (or allows the torment)  of  finite people, judging them infinitely guilty of finite sins.  I doubt God is beholden to any sort of legal system and I doubt that God is really all that into judging as it is.

10 – Therefore, I doubt that Jesus’ death was some sort of legal blood sacrifice necessary to pay our way out of Hell.

11 – I doubt (nor do I really care) if Mary was a virgin.

12 – I doubt if any of the Old Testament writings are predictions of Jesus. These “prophecies” are poor ‘reasons to believe’ because the only ones who see these predictions are those who already call themselves Christian.

13 – I doubt Jesus had super powers and could predict the future. I doubt he was holding himself in check in order to get the job done, just ‘pretending ‘ to be a man (even though I believe he may have performed miracles).

14 – I doubt that Jesus was the  ‘perfect’ sacrifice’ (akin to an unblemished lamb slaughtered to appease God) but that his sacrifice was ‘perfect’ ; he was innocent and undeserving of the punishment he received for proclaiming  the Good News  (which was really bad news for the ‘powers that be’). He forgave his tormentors and executioners and did not forsake God while on the cross, which is much more ‘perfect’ than any other example I can think of.

15 – I doubt that women are in any way supposed to follow men, take a back seat, not teach or preach or lead in church (or anywhere else).

16 – I doubt that Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Navajos, Druids, Wiccans, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists or atheists are held in less regard by God than Christians or Jews

17 – I doubt that only Christians are ‘saved’ . In fact, I doubt that most Christians are ‘saved’. But salvation is not  about heaven and hell;  it is about being saved from our false selves and living the life God intended for us. I believe that Jesus points to and shows the ‘Way’ of this ‘eternal’ life but he is not THE WAY himself (because what does that really mean, anyway?). Jesus Way IS very narrow; there is no room for hatred, selfishness, or arrogance.  It is the way of love and forgiveness.

18 – I doubt that  there is a place called Hell.   I doubt that God would have any reason to make such a place, unless, of course, God is sadistically deranged.  And that is too horrifying to contemplate.

19 – I doubt the United States of America was ever intended to be a Christian Nation. I doubt that the words “Christian” and “nation” are ever compatible.

20 – I doubt that it is possible to readily define or identify an authentic “Christian”. I doubt that there are 34,000 different Christian denominations (as some sources say) but that really there are around 34,000 different religions that all claim they are “Christian”.  I doubt that Jesus and religion will ever mix very well,

Bonus:  I seriously doubt the doctrine of the Holy Trinity,  although as a conceptual tool,  it can be pretty cool.

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  1. #1 by Colin on July 1, 2010 - 5:36 am

    Don’t be deceived by Christian’s facts. He has no baseline for his belief. He is thinking it up as he goes along. Get the bible, read it, believe it and get baptised. Go to fellowship with those who believe that Jesus Christ has paid for their sins and sing with your heart to Jesus Christ.

    If you carefully look at how Christian deceives you will see that first he contradicts holy scripture (the word of God) and then gets you to answer His questions that are wrong in the first place…Christian will ask you to explain yourself further if you start to get into a discussion with him. If you give absolute facts from the bible he never really gives you an answer but just continues to argue against what is written in the bible.

    Its just deceiving and the best thing you can do once you have read this post is not come back to this site unless you want to rebuke is nonsense sayings that contradict the Holy Bible. He doesn’t believe that Deuteronomy is all true (The scriptures that Jesus Christ used to rebuke the devil in the temptation in the wilderness). He doesn’t believe that Hell is real. He is not sure that there is a Heaven but thinks that it all part of the world now. His thoughts are totally against the word of God. The whole aim of this entire website is to deceive you and lead you away from the straight and narrow.

    I rebuke this site in the name of Jesus Christ for its lax, complacent attitude to the word of God.

    • #2 by Christian Beyer on July 1, 2010 - 9:31 am

      Colin, I wouldn’t waste your time with the warnings. I don’t think anyone else is even reading this.

      “I rebuke this site in the name of Jesus Christ for its lax, complacent attitude to the word of God.”

      Uh-oh. Is that wood I smell burning?

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