What If You WERE There When They Crucified Jesus?

Knowing what you know right now, what would you do?

Would you protest? Offer yourself in his stead? Run to his assistance, perhaps even resorting to violence?

Would you run and hide, as his apostles did?

Or would you let it happen because you believe that this is part of God’s plan for salvation and you should not interfere?


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  1. #1 by Christian Beyer on November 3, 2008 - 7:11 am

    What of your Jewish friend? What of their ancestors, the ones who lived before the Incarnation? How could they interpret scripture without having the lens of Christ?

  2. #2 by vernet1 on November 6, 2008 - 12:03 am

    This is a quote from a book entitled “The Mind of the Orthodox Church” which answers your question very well :

    “We know from the teaching of the saints that all the manifestations of God in the Old Testament are manifestations of the Word, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. The difference between the manifestations in the Old and New Testaments is that in the former we have manifestations of the unincarnate Word, while in the New Testament we have manifestations of the incarnate Word.

    Speaking on this theme, St. Gregory the Theologian, in his homily on the Maccabees, says that the saints in the Old Testament knew Christ, and calls this saying mysterious and ineffable. He says that before the incarnation of Christ no one was perfected without faith in Christ. “For the Word spoke boldly later in His own times, but He was also known before to the pure in mind, as is clear from many held in honour before that”. And indeed he says of the Maccabees that we should not scorn them with the justification that they lived and acted before the cross, “but that they should be praised in accordance with the cross and are worthy of honour by their words”. The righteous men in the Old Testament acted according to the teaching of the cross and, essentially, they experienced the mystery of the Cross. “

  3. #3 by Christian Beyer on November 6, 2008 - 7:21 am

    Good stuff and well put. That’s pretty much my understanding as well. Knowing some spiritual Jews, I just think that we must be careful with when talking about all of scripture leading to or pointing to Christ, if we want to converse with them and not offend. There is a very vocal element in the Western church that sees divisive confrontation as a mandate from God. This is not something that the Eastern church seems to embrace.

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