Religious Freak Show

Some say that the church’s tent is big enough for everyone. Well, at times it seems like the big top at the circus. It’s a wonder that more don’t attend, because we certainly have been presenting the Greatest Show on Earth.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up! We proudly present you with some of the most interesting, audacious, outlandish oddities to be found anywhere on the planet. Feast your eyes and tell your friends!

Michael Guglielmucci’s disappearing cancer!

Tammy Faye Baker’s bottomless eyes!

Jan Crouch’s writhing hair!

Pat Robertson’s loose lips!

Ernest Angley’s holy hands!

Todd Bentley’s mighty fists!

Jimmy Swaggert’s insatiable libido!

Fortune telling!

“Make Me a Christian”‘ reality TV show!

Grandpa Jone’s down home racism!

Benny Hinn’s con game! (A sucker is born every minute)

Lakeland Revival’s rival circus in a circus!!

TBN’s “Star Trek” studio sets!

Creflo “Million” Dollar’s Rolls Royce!

TD Jakes $1,000 suits ! (OK, just about any of the clothes on TBN)

Kenneth Copeland’s fleet of mighty jet planes!

Joyce Meyer’s golden toilet!

Paula White as Robin Hood in reverse!

Ted Haggard’s sore muscles!

From the UFC – “Bishop” Weeks and “Prophetess” Bynum’s bloody wrestling match!

The Pope’s ruby red slippers!

Fred Phelp’s merry band of bigots!

Ruben Israel’s uncommon street savvy!


Put it all together and whaddya got? Now that’s entertainment.

Now, please don’t say that “Christians aren’t perfect”. Because it’s not a matter of being perfect, it’s a matter of being taken seriously. Which fewer and fewer people seem to be doing, with good reason.


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  1. #1 by Gabriel on June 6, 2009 - 6:42 pm

    Amen Doug Ruben is a personal friend of mine these wicked sinners boobs have something to hide that why they are not coming to Christ.Like Carl Sagan without Jesus you will burn in hell

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