Have You Heard This One? A Lesbian, a Playboy and a Biker Walk Into a Bible Study….

You just gotta love British television. They’ve come up with a new ‘reality’ TV show called Make Me a Christian in which we watch people of disparate backgrounds resist the conversion attempts of a team of Evangelicals:

Make Me a Christian follows the three-week journey of thirteen non-Christians who also include a witch, a Muslim, an unmarried couple with a child on the way, and a family of six, as they get to grips with Christianity through a number of Bible studies and mentoring from an ecumenical team of church leaders.

Their spiritual mentors include the leader of the Christian Party, Rev George Hargreaves as lead mentor and Bible teacher in an ecumenical group of Christian mentors, Church of England Curate the Rev Joanna Jepson, Catholic Fr John Flynn, and Kensington Temple’s Pastor Wale Babatunde.

The series documents the changes that occur within each of the participants as their perspectives of Christianity and the meaning of life are challenged by the lessons that emerge in each of the Bible studies. By the series’ end, some participants even make a commitment to pursue Christianity further.

Rev Hargreaves commented, “Viewers will be deeply moved by the participants’ personal journeys. I believe that a major nationwide evangelism initiative could be launched on the back of this series.”

Make Me A Christian series will be broadcast on Channel Four over the next three Sundays in August, starting this Sunday at 7pm.

Talk about evangelical television! Now, there’s a good reason for satellite TV.


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  1. #1 by Christian Beyer on August 24, 2008 - 11:04 am

    An update in Christianity Today on British Christians viewers reactions to this spectacle (which should look right at home on TBN)


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