Terrorism in California: Anim-Al-Qaeda Fire Bombs Another Resarcher’s Home

Meanwhile in California (to the south and just a tad left of Oregon) citizens concerned about animal abuse have made a courageous stand; the lives of animals have more value than human life. Over the weekend the home of UC Professor David Feldheim was fire bombed, forcing him to flee with his wife and two small children from a second story window. A little earlier a firebomb destroyed the car of another researcher.

These are not new or isolated incidents. In January a firebomb exploded on the porch of a researcher from UCLA and in February six masked animal avengers tried to force there way into the home of a UC researcher and succeeded in striking her husband on the head. ( Ninjas they are not.)

The types of bombs used are all similar to those whose assembly instructions have allegedly been posted on some animal-rights activists websites.

Feldheim’s capital offense was that of using laboratory mice in his research. He implants their brains with genes to help understand how visual connections are formed during development. It is hoped that discovery here will aid in the restoration of eye-sight to those who lost theirs due to brain trauma.

Although no one has owned up to the bombings yet, well known animal-rights guru Jerry Vlasek explains the pickle that the advocates are in, forcing them to resort to violence. The bombers are just

“trying to send a message to this guy, who won’t listen to reason, that if he doesn’t stop hurting animals, more drastic measures will be taken … it’s certainly not an initial tactic, but a tactic of last resort.”

But what about innocent human life? What about Feldheim’s small children, aged 6 and 7, who could have been killed or injured by the flames? Technically speaking, aren’t they ‘animals’ as well and deserving of protection? Vlasek’s response:

“If their father is willing to continue risking his livelihood in order to continue chopping up animals in a laboratory than his children are old enough to recognize the consequences,”

Good point. If my daughter could convince me to adopt a mangy little stray cat then Feldheim’s children should be able to convince their dad to pursue another career path. Or at least use animals that aren’t as cute as a mice. Like oysters. (Since we’ve owned cats (can I say owned?) we’ve never seen a live mouse in the house. Or an oyster, for that matter. Should I have my wife start knitting little asbestos sweaters for Sargent Stripes, the ultimate mouse killer? Nah, he’s no pussy cat.)

Vlasek used to be an animal researcher but ironically is now a trauma surgeon. I wonder if he is as adept with chatting in chimpanzee as another physician of questionable background. Dr. Dolittle was also somewhat of a misanthropist, much preferring animals to humans. Terrorism, thankfully, was apparently not an option for that good doctor. Somehow I get the feeling that these cow-hugging folks wouldn’t have too much of a problem with the research of another doctor, Mengele, who by-passed the middle mouse and just performed his experiments on humans. (Let’s not forget: Mengele worked for a very famous vegetarian who also loved animals.)

As was recently said, it is sad to see how far we have fallen.


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