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What Kind of Christian are You?

There is an interesting article over on Christianity Today called “Five Kinds of Christians” .

Here is the table they use to summarize their findings:

Active Christians 19%

  • Believe salvation comes through Jesus Christ
  • Committed churchgoers
  • Bible readers
  • Accept leadership positions
  • Invest in personal faith development through the church
  • Feel obligated to share faith; 79% do so.

Professing Christians 20%

  • Believe salvation comes through Jesus Christ
  • Focus on personal relationship with God and Jesus
  • Similar beliefs to Active Christians, different actions
  • Less involved in church, both attending and serving
  • Less commitment to Bible reading or sharing faith

Liturgical Christians 16%

  • Predominantly Catholic and Lutheran
  • Regular churchgoers
  • High level of spiritual activity, mostly expressed by serving in church and/or community
  • Recognize authority of the church

Private Christians 24%

  • Largest and youngest segment
  • Believe in God and doing good things
  • Own a Bible, but don’t read it
  • Spiritual interest, but not within church context
  • Only about a third attend church at all
  • Almost none are church leaders

Cultural Christians 21%

  • Little outward religious behavior or attitudes
  • God aware, but little personal involvement with God
  • Do not view Jesus as essential to salvation
  • Affirm many ways to God
  • Favor universality theology

Copyright © 2007 by the author or Christianity Today International/Leadership Journal.
Fall 2007, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4, Page 19

What do you think? Which of these five kinds of Christians do you see yourself as? Or is it just more drivel?




Bad Boy Crowe to be Gladiator for God


Movie star from Down-Under, Russell Crowe intends to be baptized this year, in a Byzantine (?) chapel he built on his estate. In a Mens Journal interview, as reported by the AP, Crowe says “If I believe it is important to baptize my kids, why not me?”

This should prove interesting. First Mel Gibson and now Russel Crowe – perhaps there’s something in the water down there. Or maybe it’s the Fosters.

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