Conservative Contortionist Coulter Crams Capezio in Chops

Oh, no. Say it ain’t so;

Columnist Ann Coulter Shocks Cable TV Show,Declaring ‘Jews Need to Be Perfected by Becoming Christians’

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Slash-and-burn columnist Ann Coulter shocked a cable TV talk-show audience Monday when she declared that Jews need to be “perfected” by becoming Christians, and that America would be better off if everyone were Christian.

Coulter made the remarkable statements during an often heated appearance to promote her new book on advertising guru Donny Deutsch’s CNBC show “The Big Idea.”In response to a question from Deutsch asking Coulter if “it would be better if we were all Christian,” the controversial columnist responded: “Yes.” “We should all be Christian?” Deutsch repeated.“Yes,” Coulter responded, asking Deutsch, who is Jewish, if he would like to “come to church with me.”Deutsch, pressing Coulter further, asked, “We should just throw Judaism away and we should all be Christians?” She responded: “Yeah.”

Coulter deflected Deutsch’s assertion that her comments were anti-Semitic, matter-of-factly telling the show’s obviously upset host, “That is what Christians consider themselves: perfected Jews.”

 You can read the entire transcript here:,2933,301216,00.html

 Now you may agree or disagree with her remarks. But do you think she should have made them?  I think Coulter should reconsider Jesus’ command to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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  1. #1 by Christian on October 13, 2007 - 10:43 am

    Thanks fo noticing. Tam. It figures the ‘guys’ wouldn’t.

    Yeah, I was playing around with Paint. I always feel this urge to redecorate -got that from my Mom. But I realize that this could be a bit confusing to visitors. Plus, I want to keep the chef knife, kind of an icon for my trade. So I think this might a solution. Just don’t expect Autumn to end before the knife has a new ‘vision’.

  2. #2 by lovewillbringustogether on October 13, 2007 - 12:44 pm

    Why Big C – you sexist pig! ( can we still call someone that anymore or is it too 70’s?)

    I’ll have you know sirrah that i had noticed your pretty ‘new’ knife before Tam made her comment and would have added a comment to similar effect as hers only i figured i had nearly booked out all the comments already and wanted to leave room on your comment roll for another name than my own! So there!

    What worries me is that Tam noticed a particularly sharp and potentially threatening weapon while feeling ‘disturbed’ – possibly at my reinforcing a maddening lyric that was running through her mind for the best part of 24 hours.

    Why do i feel a strange need to cross my legs? 🙂

  3. #3 by Christian on October 13, 2007 - 1:06 pm

    Sir, that is no weapon! That is a tool. Uh-oh. That probably didin’t help. 😦

  4. #4 by Ambrosia de Milano on October 13, 2007 - 7:45 pm

    The fact of Christ being the way to God is not subtracted in a universal viewpoint.

    If Christ’s death satisfied the Father–why would his death be less effective for one religious view over another?

    Take an appliance and plug it into the wall–thereby using the principles of electricity. Next, use a battery operated appliance with its batteries as the source of power.

    Both of these use electricity. One source is a storage unit known as a battery, the other current from a power plant.

    I am saying that God’s grace extends to all humanity.


  5. #5 by tam on October 14, 2007 - 3:07 am

    No worries boys…really, relax 😉

  6. #6 by lovewillbringustogether on October 14, 2007 - 10:46 pm

    Nothing makes me more nervous than a smiling woman telling me to ‘just relax’!

  7. #7 by lovewillbringustogether on October 14, 2007 - 10:50 pm

    You’re Right Christian – it didn’t help! 🙂

    I agree with Ambrosia DM’s comment. of course many ‘organisations’ of humans have a vested interest in seeing that particular view of Grace is not adopted by their own ‘kind’.

    Just ‘cos God extends it out doesn’t mean we all choose to let it IN.

  8. #8 by Ambrosia de Milano on October 16, 2007 - 10:00 pm

    I can say that to get to Virginia I have to cross the Potomac River–such a river being a permanent gateway. I can cross on a ship–or a ferry. The preferred way is a bridge.

    The point being that to reach Virginia I must go through the Potomac–but there are many modes of crossing.

    I am not saying “Abandon the Cross.” I am saying that Christ provides quite a gateway, does he not?

    The practice of condemning everyone not following my way was not Christ’s way. He only criticized the hippocrites who had the truth–the Pharisees and Saducees. He never condemned, and in fact praised, Pagans and presumably those who followed the Plethora of religions around during His sojourn on earth.


  9. #9 by lovewillbringustogether on October 17, 2007 - 12:42 am

    Not intending to argue your point ‘Bro but may i politely point out the comment I am The Way! not ‘a’ way or My way.

    I think many misinterpret that to mean only Christians are ‘saved’ which i don’t personally agree with but we need to be careful when saying he provides ‘a’ gateway.

    That leaves the road open to others turning away from His example which i don’t think He really intended.

    It’s not so much a case of using a different way to cross the Potomac as choosing to go to Albania instead. 😉

    If your goal is to get to Virginia then going to Albania doesn’t make a lot of sense ( unless it is merely a stop along the way) but if your goal is to cross the bridge to get to Virginia so you can see what you can only get to see while on the Bridge then crossing by boat or tunnel doesn’t really cut it either. 🙂

    I think too much sometimes!

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